Services briefcase


One of the benefits of a comprehensive audit is that it will become an invaluable tool for benchmarking and your business performance. Within this business segment we provide:

  • - Financial audit,
  • - Forensic audit,
  • - International certification of expenses,
  • - Internal audit of processes,
  • - Evaluation and implementation of internal control systems,
  • - Outsourcing and co-sourcing of internal audit,
  • - Agreed audit procedures.

An efficient audit does not simply seek to identify the "errors" that may exist in your business, it must be focused on seeking all opportunities to improve your activities and present you with the best practices so that you can meet your objectives with the optimization of resources.


TGS Ecuador totally or partially frees our clients from activities that do not add value and in which we specialize. We have a multidisciplinary team to become a strategic partner when preparing:

  • - Complete set of financial statements and supplementary information,
  • - Cash Flow,
  • - Budgets,
  • - Administration of payroll,
  • - Internal control,
  • - Accounting outsourcing and co-sourcing,
  • - Agreed accounting procedures,
  • - Virtual Financial Management.

You need to have accurate and timely information to make the right decisions in your business.


The globalized business environment makes it necessary for organizations to be in constant growth and pursuit of objectives in each of their profit-generating activities. Innovation and meeting goals makes a difference. We have a professional team specialized in providing strategies that allow our clients to achieve success, our services in this business segment are:

  • - Implementation and adoption of IFRS's,
  • - Tax planning,
  • - Tax advice and structuring of operations,
  • - Comprehensive management of human talent,
  • - Survey of processes and risk matrix,
  • - Transfer pricing annexes and reports,
  • - Operational efficiency,
  • - Due Dilligence,
  • - Compliance with UAFE regulations.

Give your full attention and effort to grow your business.

Corporate governance

Adequate Corporate Governance ensures that the objectives of the organization can be achieved with transparency and efficiency.

We offer our clients specialized advice in the recognition and efficient management of their corporate risks, through the use of methodology, support tools and experts in different business areas.

Risk management should be used as a continuous assessment process.